ELMF Flexible extension cables

The ELMF (Extremely Low Magnetic Field) technology allows, for the first time, to manufacture power cables that generate very low magnetic field. ELMF technology is based on EMF cancellation as oppose to protection. It opens the way to design a lighter solution for the power distribution system.

Just to put things in perspective, our demo unit, with a 2000W hairdryer

load measures 90 milligauss on regular cable and about 4 milligauss on an ELMF cable.

The recommended range is 2-4 milligauss

Extension Cords

The power section is an important segment within the consumer electronic

market. This section consists of extension cords, appliances connecting cables, professional tools connecting cables. ELMF cable will practically reduce the magnetic field creating a differentiation tool to the retailer.

Children Room

Low magnetic field is strongly recommended in this environment. However, many devices like humidifiers, heater and other electrical devices are connected for long hours thus presents continuous magnetic field.  Using ELMF cable is the only solution.

Professional Extension Cords

Professionals that are using hand held equipment (in a close vicinity to their body) are exposed to an intense magnetic field (due to the heavy-duty load that their equipment is designed for) for relatively long time. ELMF cables is a safety offer for them.

In addition, since ELMF cables steady state temperature is about 20% lower, it possible to work with drums without the requirement to open the whole drum.