About Us

Green ELMF Cables Ltd., founded in 2011, is a privately owned company.

Its principals have created a commercial and technical team to advance and promote the proliferation of extra low magnetic field (ELMF) cable technology, developed in Israel at The Israeli Institute for Technology (Technion), around the world.

Green ELMF Cables Ltd. is a technology transfer company that does not anticipate operating its own production facilities; rather, it intends developing associations with all cable manufacturers in an open and ‘non-competing’ arrangement. It foresees great commercial potential in this direction and also believes that this technology carries great promise in solving one of today’s most difficult – the electromagnetic field effects on health and the environment.

The Green ELMF Cables Ltd. business model calls for business partnerships with cable manufacturers. Currently, a team of agents is being created to bring on-going high-quality relationships with cable manufacturers to the table. Together the Company shall endeavor to form the ELMF community around the world.


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