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Testing ELMF extension cable Vs. a regular one with the same cross section under the same conditions shows over 90% reduction in the magnetic field.

ELMF founders in an interview to channel 11 news about the new innovation

Electromagnetic fields are considered as an undesirable effect in populated space. The recommended policy is to keep EMF value below 4 miligauss for “long” exposure. Houses, schools, kindergartens and more are subjected to this limit.

New Israeli Technology for Power Delivery & Distribution with Extremely Low Magnetic Field (ELMF) Features Potential Energy, Weight and Costs saving along with Reduced Interference and Safe Environment

The ELMF (Extremely Low Magnetic Field) technology allows, for the first time, to manufacture power cables that generate very low magnetic field. ELMF technology is based on EMF cancellation as oppose to protection. It opens the way to design a lighter and cheaper solution for the power distribution system.