ELMF technology – Power Cables

Residential Buildings

Power Cables for the construction industry are manufactured according to

the IEC1516 international code. The ELMF implementations comply with this code requirements.

  • Single phase power cables starting with 1.5mm2
  • Three phase power cables up to 240mm2, 300mm2 and even 400mm2
  • For the above all types of fire resistance all the way up to Halogen Free are compatible

Cables are mainly used in the building and at the feed from the network to the connection board in the building itself.

When using the ELMF Cables, the free EMF zone, defined as the area where the EMF level is below 4 milliGauss has a tremendous real estate value as it can be used for every purpose in our daily life. Below is an analysis of a typical floor in a high rising building.

Living space is saturated with EMF at all frequencies and levels stems from cellular, appliances and power distribution system. It is true that it is difficult to eliminate it all but since the effect of EMF on human tissues is cumulative treating each contributing element is important.

There are more apartment buildings around the world and they are being constructed with more floors in each one.

“…. The overall trend of apartment buildings growing taller is sustained by a widespread shift to high-rise and mid-rise buildings to the detriment of low-rise buildings. The share of low-rise buildings decreased from 92% in the ’90s to 48% of the structures currently being built. The share of mid-rise apartment buildings expanded considerably from 6% of what was built in the ’90s, to 41% of what’s under construction today. Likewise, high-rise apartment buildings have increased their share from a mere 2% to 11% over the same period of time.”

This trend is following the population growth and the population density that is the direct outcome of it.

It is interesting to analyse the power supply to such an apartment building in order to understand the scope of the problem and it’s extent.

In each one of this Hight Rising building there is one or more central piers

where elevators and the utilities are being placed. However, each apartment has to get it’s own power supply and pay for it. For convenience reasons, most of the Power Supply Meters are installed in the basement or the ground floor. Under this convention, there must be a power cable that connect the meter to the apartment power distribution board. This arrangement creates a tremendous EMF issues in many floors starting from ground level (most severe) and up.

Consider fifty stories building with 4 apartments on each floor. 200 apartments in total. The central pier, on the first level will carry 200 3 phase cables of about 42A each, the next one 1ll carry 196 cables and so on. The “Magnetic Cone” describes the accumulated magnetic flux generated by all the cables in the pier. When equipped with regular cables large part of the living area will be affected and will have to be protected by adding shielding material within the central pier. With ELMF cables this affect is reduced to minimum.

Back to the apartment itself. Within an apartment, there are two emf sources that ELMF technology addresses:

  • Power distribution board
  • Power cable, especially in sensitive areas.

ELMF Power distribution board is designed around the ELMF principles altering the internal phase busbars and using ELMF cable for inter-connect the source to the outgoing circuits.

To conclude this section, ELMF Technology when implemented will:

  • Reduce the area that measures higher then permitted EMF values stems from the central pier
  • Reduce EMF generated within the apartment by the Power distribution board
  • Reduce EMF from in wall power line in the rooms