EV Fast Charging Cables

All cables types are ELMF implemented : Type 1, Type 2, DC Fast Charging)

Green ELMF Cables developed the ELMF (Extremely Low Magnetic Field). The technology allows, for the first time, to manufacture power cables that generate very low magnetic fields. ELMF technology is based on EMF cancellation as opposed to protection. It opens the way to design a lighter and cheaper solution for the power distribution system.

The Need – EV market is constantly growing and so is the EV Charger market. The need for faster charging is growing, higher current is used and as an undesirable effect the Magnetic field around the charging station exceeds.

The proposed solution – implementing Green ELMF Cables and by that attenuate dramatically the magnetic field along with a list of other favorable properties:

  • Higher Amp. Per given cross section.
  • Most flexible construction on the market.
  • Reduced weight by about 5%-8%
  • Applicable to single- and multi-phase configuration
  • Applicable in all charging classes: Type 1, Type 2, DC Fast Charging
  • Lower magnetic field (over 90% reduction).
  • Lower sensitivity to “Cross Talk” (Immunity to external magnetic field)
  • Considerably smaller self-inductance (50%)

The opportunity The Municipality can be one of the first cities in the world to introduce “Green Charger”. When Green ELMF Cables technology is applied to the charger’s feeding cable, the issues of high EMF in a public space becomes a none-issue. 

The mutual interest – There is a mutual interest for us as a technology developer and the city authorities that are leading the “Green City” project. we would like to commence a dialogue that will lead to our participation in the EV Charging project in the city.