EV Fast Charging Cables

The most efficient EV Charging cable line

 ELMF Cables technology Advantages:

  • Higher Amp per given cross section.
  • Most Flexible construction on the market.
  • Reduced weight by above 5% -8%.
  • Lower magnetic field (over 90% reduction).
  • Immunity to external magnetic field.
Type 1AC Single Phase32AConsumer, Entry level, Overnight Charging
Type 2AC Three Phase63AConsumer & Commercial, Fast Charging
CCSDC Fast Charging155ACommercial

A winning technology for all:

  • EV Charging Developers – Significant system design benefits such as weight and flexibility alongside with advanced technology that complies with emerging Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) environmental requirements.
  • EV Charging Wholesalers – Advanced technology, superior product.
  • Municipalities – pioneer the introduction of “Green Charging” concept.

Green ELMF Technology allows, for the first time, the ability to manufacture power cables that generate very low magnetic fields. ELMF technology is based on EMF cancellation as opposed to protectionIt opens the way to design a more efficient solution for the power distribution system.