Power Cabinet technology

The new ELMF technology Power Distribution Cabinet


The Extremely Low Magnetic Field (ELMF) technology allows, for the first time, to manufacture power distribution units (e.g. cables, and distribution cabinets) that generate a very low magnetic field.

For power distribution units this feature is critical due to Health and Interference issues (for more details please see the video clip on www.green-elmf-cables.com).

In order to comply with environmental and health new and it’s requirements for construction and operation of electrical facilities permit, the designer must use different methods such as using “keep-out” zones from radiation sources.

There are two magnetic field properties which any system designer must take into consideration:

  • The closer we are to the field source the more dangerous it is
  • The longer the exposure time to the magnetic field the more dangerous it is.

A new and successful approach is now offered by the Green ELMF Cables Ltd by using two innovative techniques for the bus bars arrangement as well as using ELMF cable for internal wiring. (see test results below)

Test Results

Average Normalized Magnetic Flux in mGauss
Un-balanced loading Balanced loading 250A
1 meter 30 cm 1 meter 30 cm
5.1 22.5 10.2 17.8 standard low-radiation cabinet
2.2 12.7 3.2 6.6 Green-ELMF cabinet
57% 43% 69% 63% percentages of improvement



The comparison of the standard low-radiation cabinet to an identical cabinets that was built according to Green ELMF cabinet technology shows that the ELMF cabinet reduces the radiation at almost every distance and position as related to the standard low-radiation cabinet that was measured.

The overall improvement is up to 70%.

Expert testimony, by Mr. Oren Hartal, leading EMF consultant :

…….  These comparing measurements prove that the ELMF method is a viable solution, and that it is better than the current solution existing in the market.

Green ELMF Cables offers to a Power Distribution Cabinet manufacturers to join the “ELMF Program”.