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What is EMF all about?

EMF (electromagnetic fields), especially magnetic fields are being more and more recognized as a possible health hazards to people. Although researchers have not yet found conclusive evidence of such a hazard, they agree that a connection may exist and it is recommended that exposure to magnetic fields be limited on a ‘better safe than sorry’ policy. This conclusion is intended to apply to all electric cables – that is, applied to systems from the extremely low frequencies (power) to the frequencies used in communications and data systems
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What effect does EMF have on the electrical environment?

Electromagnetic fields (i.e. electric fields and magnetic fields) generated by electrical equipment and cables exhibit an influence on other electrical equipment and cables that are close enough to be affected by them. These energy fields diminish with distance; however, if the field is strong enough it has the potential of disrupting data communications and the functioning of sensitive electronic devices in the home, at work, and in institutions such as hospitals.
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What effect does EMF have on the human body?

At the present stages of investigation and research, a definitive link between human health and exposure to magnetic fields has not been proven by the scientific and medical community. Nevertheless, data is pointing to a possible link between exposure to magnetic fields and pediatric leukemia, although researchers are quick to point out that more has to be done before a credible correlation can be said to exist.
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What are the known ways to overcome EMF flux?

When discussing electromagnetic flux, we should be restricting ourselves to lower frequency magnetic fields. This means not micro-waves and not even radio waves. We are dealing with the extremely low frequencies like what is used for electrical power (e.g. 50, 60, and 400 Hertz). One way to reduce magnetic fields is by applying shielding techniques; however, these techniques are expensive and complex. With our ELMF cables, we reduce the radiated magnetic fields at their source, which in these cases are the cables themselves.
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What is the Green ELMF invention all about?

Green ELMF (Extra Low Magnetic Fields) has developed and is now promoting their proprietary technology to the manufacture and application of an innovative cable design that reduces by factors of hundreds and thousands the strength of magnetic fields generated by electric cables compared to conventional cable designs under identical conditions. Specific sizes and configurations are now available in the market.
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What do I need to do in order to implement Green ELMF technology?

Equipment manufacturers should review their products to see how they can be enhanced by using cables that generate weaker magnetic fields.
Cable manufacturers, should publicize benefits and promote the marketing of ELMF cables to their current customers
Consumers should acquaint themselves with the impact of magnetic fields on their environment and ask for low magnet field generating products
Everyone may contact us for more information.
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Does the Green ELMF cable require special connectors/terminators?

The basic configuration of the new cable keeps the same OD (“Outer Diameter”) to allow implementation of standard connectors.
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Where can I get ELMF cables?

ELMF cables and accessories should be available from the same commercial establishments where you would buy conventional cables and accessories. If your usual customary source doesn’t carry ELMF cables and accessories, contact us as we will advise you where the closest source to you is located.
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To what can ELMF Cable applied?

ELMF cables can be applied to any system, appliance, equipment, and device that use electricity. Examples include home and office wiring, aircraft wiring, automotive wiring, appliance and equipment power cords, electrical systems (power, communications, and data), sound systems, and others.
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Are ELMF cables fully compatible with standard conductor sizes?

Yes, they are. The ELMF cables are constructed using the same conductors as would be used in conventional cables.
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Has ELMF technology been approved by official standards organizations?

At the moment there are no standards that deal with the magnetic fields generated by electric cable. The cables that have been already developed and those in the process of being developed based on ELMF technology so that they generate mitigated magnetic fields follow the same standards that have been developed for the conventional cables. ELMF cables that are and will be marketed will bear the markings of the required standards organizations just like all other electric cables.
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Has ELMF technology been proven?

Yes it has. Laboratory tests on samples of ELMF cables have been conducted and the measured data show that the various configurations of ELMF cables are consistent with the calculated magnetic field strengths.
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What would be the most significant application of ELMF technology?

As mentioned above, the magnetic field proportional to the current, so the most significant application would be in those applications where high current is delivered: such as vertical power piers in high rising buildings, Power cabinet feeders, from transmission line to buildings…
Another aspect is the distance from the cable. If the cable is in close vicinity human activity it is strongly recommends replacing it. For examples : power cables in bed room, power cable in part of the apartment
The duration of the stay is very important, it is not recommended to stay in areas with high magnetic field for long time. So in those cases the ELMF technology should be implemented
Areas that are saturated with sensitive electronic devices (like intensive care in hospitals) should be all converted to prevent malfunction.
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